Bio: MIROSLAWA TRUCHTA – NOWICKA (born in 1966) graduated from the Pedagogical University in Czestochowa, Poland (now: Jan Dlugosz University) in 1994, obtained a diploma in 1994 at the Faculty of Artistic Design under the tutelage of Prof. Jerzy F. Sztuka and Prof. Werner Lubos.

Since the DOLL appeared in the area of my creative interests, there has been a significant change in proportions of my artistic activity. Today, DOLL – SCULPTURE OF PAPER, marks its presence almost in each form of my artistic creation. Anthropomorphic shapes of paper became for me a perfect answer to the search for natural delicacy of ephemeral and fragile form, which at the same time is characterised by great amount of expression, drama, sometimes grotesque, but also full of lyrical beauty and warmth. DOLL-SCULPTURES OF PAPER "describe", "talk", "present" in an entirely natural way, using attributes and values of both means of expression and narration, which are: PAPER AND DOLL. Their destiny is cooperation, mutual support in the creation of new meanings and images. Both elements are full of contradictions and give impression of ambivalence, but while they come together, become particularly intriguing. In a unique way they activate the surrounding, act alluring, through their form and material. DOLL as an object is characterized by imprecision and ambiguity. On the other hand, PAPER – a truly special art material containing an element of deeply hidden mystery – accompanies humans for thousands of years, documenting their life. It is a form which reminds about laws of nature and emphasizes anthropomorphism. PAPER perfectly fits into contexts and harmonizes with the DOLL - medium much older, which has been around us for ages or even millennia, functioning not only for ludic purposes, because of its very strong philosophical, historical and cultural connotations.
DOLL and PAPER, media so common that very often remain unnoticeable... for me are a perfect way to describe the world as I see it.
In recent years, DOLL – PAPER SCULPTURE dominated my creation what resulted in numerous exhibitions, meetings and workshops related to the theme series as well as in discovering some new areas of work with DOLLS – PAPER SCULPTURES (for example: Regional Books’ Days in Czestochowa, Festival TOUCH THE THEATRE, realizations of an art book).
DOLLS – PAPER SCULPTURES find their place in private collections and museums.
I am a member of The International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA) - the world leading organisation for artists who treat paper as art form and as a contemporary artistic medium.